6 Things I’ve Learned About North Carolina In My First Month Of Living Here

1. The weather is always great.

Even when it isn’t, it is. I’m a Miami girl, so I’m used to a ton of humidity. It’s only been about a month of me living here and I’ve actually already witnessed all four seasons! Literally! My first day here it snowed, after that it was cold, then it was beautiful “fall-ish” weather, and now it’s a sunny 88 degrees. I am in heaven y’all.

2. There are so many opportunities for networking and personal growth.

I’ve only been in North Carolina for about a month now and I’ve already been invited to so many events! Blogger meetups, media nights, you name it! I can already tell that this is where I am going to absolutely thrive. I have big goals for my future, and this is the place that will help me reach them.

3. People are genuinely nice.

Truthfully, I have never met a mean person. Well, yet…but hopefully that won’t happen!

4. The amount of dog-friendly places is insane.

I have never in my entire life been to an outdoor mall where every store has dog treats and a filled water bowl ready for your pup. It makes my heart so happy! There’s also a bar that allows you to bring your dog. It has a little dog park, couches, dog bowls, a puppy pool, and your pup can lay on the counter if they wanted to!

5. There is an endless amount of activities to keep you busy on the weekends.

I’m pretty sure that every weekend since I’ve moved there has been a festival of some sort. Christopher and I went to the Moo and Brew fest recently, and it was a blast! $35 for endless beer and mini burgers? Count me in. The weekend after that, there was a Rosé Festival that I totally wish I had gone to, but, sadly, the tickets were sold out. 😢

6. The scenery is breathtaking.

What’s great about where I live is the fact that one day I can be immersed in a forest or on a mountain, and the next day I could be walking through downtown Charlotte. Needless to say, this is a great area for all types of photographers.


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