Seafood Connection: The Media Night And The Giant Food Coma It Gave Me

IMG_3926Hello everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my story the other day from when I was at a restaurant called Seafood Connection. Side note: If you don’t follow me, you totally should! My handle is @kaylagil_. I was so honored to be invited to their media night, which was exclusive to influencers and bloggers in the CLT area, to try out their menu.

Let me start by saying the food was DELICIOUS! I mean seriously, it was probably the best seafood I’ve had in a while. The seasoning was on point, the atmosphere was on point…pretty much everything was on point. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay the entire night, since Chris and I had already bought movie tickets to see Truth or Dare, so I wasn’t able to try the dish they’re known for…their crab legs. 😢 We also missed the seafood mac n’ cheese by a few minutes. *sobs*

However, what I was able to get made my entire night. I had shrimp and grits, fried chicken on a red velvet waffle, shrimp tacos, and a seafood salad. Ummm, yum!!

Out of the four, the shrimp and grits was my favorite dish. Which is weird since I actually really do not like shrimp and grits at all! The way the shrimp was seasoned was absolutely phenomenal, and the grits were actually good! Chris thought the seasoning was too strong, but hey, to each his own.

Unpopular opinion: I actually don’t really care at all about chicken and waffles. These waffles were red velvet though, and I couldn’t resist! It was the perfect mix of sweet and savory. The seasoning on the chicken, once again, was on point.

The shrimp tacos were pretty good as well, but there wasn’t anything very special about them, and the same goes for the seafood salad. I do wish I would have tasted the crab legs though!

One thing to note about Seafood Connection if you’re ever in the area and are planning on eating here: the wait will be long! They cook EVERYTHING to order. Also, come hungry! The portions are fairly large.

My final verdict: worth it.

I would definitely eat here again, even if it means waiting a while for the food to come out. Seafood Connection, if you ever need someone to taste some new dishes, please don’t hesitate to ask me! 😄


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