Goodbye Florida…


I moved! I am now officially a North Carolinian, and it is absolutely exciting.

I left the safety and familiarity of Gainesville, FL and made the 8-hour drive up north with my boyfriend and two pups to a cute, tiny suburb around Charlotte, NC. There’s so much to explore, and there are so many opportunities to find!

So far, North Carolina has been treating us great. In fact, on our first day here, we saw actual falling snow! I guess you can say it was meant to be. 💁🏻 Being a Miami native, seeing snow falling out of the sky was quite a shocker, but it was so beautiful I literally have no words. Oh, and I have to say the weather has been phenomenal since I’ve arrived! A low in the mid-30s and a high in the 60s? Goodbye, high 90s! I will definitely not miss you!

Also, everyone I’ve met so far has asked me the same question: “Why did you leave Florida?” I guess if you’re not from Florida, you probably think it’s an amazing place to live. Well, it’s not. Sorry! That’s my opinion, but I’m not going there right now. Either way, I always knew I was going to move to a place where I could actually experience the four seasons. Plus, I’m close enough to Charlotte to where I could still experience the city life!

I have so many events and content planned and I can’t wait to share my experiences here. So, follow my blog and stay updated friends! If you have any recommendations for cute coffee shops or any other places, please throw them my way! I’ll probably be spending the next few months on Yelp. 😅


One thought on “Goodbye Florida…

  1. Welcome to NC! I’m a former Florida native who, like you, made the move to NC and left all the familiar behind. Now, I run th NC Blogger Network (among other things) and love life in NC!! We’ve got lots of folks from CLT and surrounding areas you’re going to love to meet. Check out the See NC category on our site for great things to do, places to go and what to see in our state. Glad you’re here!

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